ION Enterprise

ION Enterprise software is a complete power management solution for all type of industries, as well as energy generators & providers. It gives engineering and management personnel the information they need to cut energy-related costs, avoid downtime and optimise equipment utilisation. The software uses a choice of industry-standard network technologies, including Ethernet, to automatically collect and store data from key electrical distribution points. It forms a layer of energy intelligence across your organisation or your entire enterprise, acting as a unified interface to electricity and other consumable resources such as water, compressed air, gas and steam. Web-enabled access gives each user a personalised view to timely, relevant information.

ION Enterprise helps you track real-time power conditions, analyse power quality and reliability, and respond quickly to alarms to avoid critical situations. It helps you study historical trends to reveal energy waste or unused capacity as well as verify efficiency improvements and allocate costs to buildings, departments or processes. The software includes sophisticated load aggregation and arithmetic calculation. Coordinated control capabilities can be used to manage demand or power factor and to manage loads or generators. Customised information is easily seamlessly shared with all stakeholders and with other business and automation systems. It can also be used to gather information from other open devices using industry standard protocols like MOdbus RTU.


  • Grow your system to hundreds of metering points at your own convenience and pace
  • Use ION modular programming for complex data processing and control functions
  • Connect to remote devices over Internet, Ethernet, wireless, modem and serial connections
  • Integrates metering of all utilities (e.g. water, air, gas, electricity, steam)
  • Multi-user access to customized graphical views, real-time and historical data, status indicators and alarm messages
  • Multi-level security
  • Collect system-wide data from ION series, PM Series and other energy meters
  • Integrate with third-party meters and other equipments.
  • Web-enabled preconfigured and custom reports, with manual, scheduled or event-triggered reporting and distribution via email or web
  • Reports can be in Microsoft Excel or PDF format
  • Scheduled report distribution via email
  • Graph any combination of measured parameters
  • Aggregate loads
  • Wide-area event monitoring and plotting
  • Power quality compliance monitoring and reporting to international standards (IEC 61000-4-30, EN50160)
  • Waveform viewer; harmonics, K-factor, crest factor, and symmetrical components measurements
  • Trigger on complex conditions
  • Generate alarm notifications
  • Log all relevant event data
  • Manual or setpoint-triggered control functions
  • Coordinated control of multiple loads, generators, relays or other power distribution and mitigation equipment


  • Manage energy consumption across your enterprise
  • Eliminate manual meter reading
  • Reveal energy inefficiencies and losses in facilities or individual loads
  • Allocate costs to buildings, departments, equipment or processes
  • Manage demand and power factor to eliminate penalties
  • Real-time demand response or load curtailment programs
  • Perform load studies to maximize use of existing capacity and avoid overbuilding
  • Support proactive maintenance and prolong the life of energy assets
  • Alert on, diagnose and isolate power-related problems quickly
  • Validate compliance with power quality or reliability clauses in supply contracts
  • Automate substations; control distributed generation assets and other equipment