Light Pipe

Lightpipe: Our yet another masterpiece is: Imagine sunlight illuminating your room but without unwanted glare or heat that it brings along! Yes, light pipe With Light pipe Daylighting system, we can get Sunlight without heat in all such areas where we need the light but not the heat and glare. Thus, save energy and get benefits of cool day light too. We can make Light pipe travel up to 15 to 20 meters which means it can even be installed in basements. Light pipe or tubular daylight system has three main parts – light collector, pipe which makes the light travel and diffuser. We install light collector at the roof top/ side-wall which in turn is connected to Light pipe. Pipe runs as per the requirement and has diffuser at its other end which dissipates sunlight in diffused manner giving you cool Sunlight. It provides uniform lighting without heat and glare.

There are four different sizes available in Light pipe and are installed as per the layout of the area and lux requirement of customer. Light pipe is a boon for people who dreamt of getting some Day light in their room/ office/ basement or any other type of premises. We have Asia’s biggest Daylighting site to our credit – Rail coach yard, Rai Bareilly where we’ve installed 1506 Light pipes covering an area of approx. 1.2 lakh sqm. We are saving 18 lakh units per annum and reducing 2037 tons CO2 emission.

Light Pipe can be installed in sheds as well as office space. It comes with a light collector at the top and a diffuser at the bottom.Lightpipe solar lighting system delivers clean light energy into building spaces giving a feel of well-being and saving electrical energy for lighting during Daytime. It delivers sunlight without any color shift and Sun light can be made to travel even through 90 degree bend for a distance of 10 to 12 meters.


  • Blocks UV radiation
  • High impact strength
  • Nochange of light color
  • Durable & long life
  • Maintenance free
  • Extended daylighting hours.
  • Uniform light dispersion.
  • Mid-noon sun radiation is partially rejected
  • Daylight can reach false ceiling covered areas.
  • Light capture is high at low Sun angles as well i.e. before 9am and after 3pm.
  • Daylighting improves LEED ratings of green buildings. Points can be scored on aspects of daylight availability, controls, Renewable energy and etc. in green buildings.