Lightning Arrestor

Lightning Energy

Lightning is a capricious, random and unpredictable event. Its physical characteristics include current levels sometimes in excess of 100 kA and speeds approaching one third the speed of light. Globally, some 2000 on-going thunderstorms cause about 100 lightning strikes to earth each second.

Lightning is a product of electrically charged storm clouds. The charged clouds induce an opposite charge (ground charge) on the surface of the earth beneath it as they travel through the atmosphere. When the ground charge reaches a structure, the cloud charge pulls it up onto the structure, concentrating the ground charge on and around it. If the ground charge builds to a level exceeding the dielectric (insulation resistance) of the intervening air, an arc or lightning strike will occur. The process begins with stepped leaders branching down from the clouds. When they come within close proximity to the ground, approximately 500 feet, the electric field intensity at ground level becomes so strong that objects and structures begin to break down electronically, shooting streamers up toward the stepped leaders. When a streamer and a stepped leader connect, a path is created for a lightning strike.

To protect the buildings or telecommunication towers against lightning, a proper designed lightning protection system is needed.

Conventional Lightning Protection System

The main function of the lightning protection system installed on the existing building is to capture a lightning stroke and then conduct discharge current safely to the ground.

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As shown above, the building requires number of copper rods, number of down conductors, number of earth pits, maintenance of all this put together becomes a costly & wastage of time also. In some conditions, however the active lightning system is the only possible method to protect from direct lightning strokes. Due to the arguments mentioned above, we recommend to use the active lightning protection whenever the conventional solution is inconvenient or when the former is more preferable to the latter as in the case of the efficient protection of architect.

STORMASTER Early Streamer Emission Air Terminal

Stormaster Early streamer Emission air terminals are designed to emit a streamer early in the streamer-formation phase of a lightning strike, thereby becoming the preferred lightning attachment point.

As the ground charge builds immediately before the lightning strike, the Stormaster ESE air terminal accumulates ground charge. In the instant before the strike, when the stepped leaders are branching down from the cloud, the Stormaster ESE terminal emits a series of pulses of ground charge, forming a streamer from itself before streamers emit from other structures. Its streamer reaches the stepped leaders before competing streamers, thereby winning the competition. Ground charge accumulation and streamer triggering is done by LPI’s Stormaster ESE Air Terminal.

LPI Early Streamer Emission Air Terminal

LPI’s reputation in the field of lightning has invested heavily in the manufacture of its STORMASTER Early Streamer Emission Air Terminal. This has involved both fundamental research into the physical phenomena associated with lightning, as well as extensive product development. The latest STORMASTER series provides optimal protection against the direct effects of lightning.

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LPI STORMASTER ESE terminals tested as per NFC 17-102 (national French Standards) & IEC 60-1:1989 standards. LPI advance lightning protection system not only specialized on the Air terminals, we execute the total project with the specialized down conductor named “HVSC” (High Voltage Shielded Cable) tested as per IEC standards in High Voltage testing laboratories. HVSC (Down Conductor) enables the customer use inside the building, safely routed in Oil sectors, IT sectors & it provides tension free from the electromagnetic damages created by the Lightning current when it is grounded through the normal down conductor. LPI offers the non-resettable Lightning Strike Recorder which enables the user to have fool proof record of the proper functioning of the system. Last but not least, LPI offers the latest technology of Chemical Gel Earthing (GRIP – Ground Resistance Improvement Powder) which dissipates the huge amount of lightning current in a fraction of time thus avoiding the huge potential rise under the ground. The glance of LPI STORMASTER protection level is shown below:

Standard Protection (Level-3) - Radius of Protection (Rp)

h = height of terminal above area to be protected (m) 2
Stormaster 60 44 87 107 109
Stormaster 50 38 76 95 98
Stormaster 30 28 57 71 75
Stormaster 15 20 41 51 56