Maintenance Free Earthing

In traditional method of earthing, charcoal and salt is mixed with sand composition and then water is poured on regular intervals to maintain the required ohm values. Also the salt and charcoal has to be replenished from time to time. This regular maintenance can prove to be a major liability for the maintenance personnel. In addition, there are plenty of sophisticated and highly sensitive machineries, computers and other routine commodities which are being used in the industry, but they are defeated or emaciated by the traditional method of grounding systems.

We offer a system having “DUEL PIPE technology” for safe electrical earthing. These electrodes have repulsive characters to prevent rapid corrosion, irrespective of soil condition. This new technology for earthing has been invented by considering all the perennial problems faced by the end users till date.

In this system the electrode consists of three compartments; Outer shell, Inner shell and Terminal Flat. It is designed as per the standard IS code of practice. The Geetrode earthing electrode is initially assembled in MS material. It then undergoes the process of Hot Dip Galvanization with an application of 100 microns on the outer shell and 300 microns on the inner shell & terminal flat. This method of zinc coating protects the electrode metal for very long period from corrosion attack. Then the space between the outer shell, inner shell and terminal flat is filled with a special composition of conductive compound which has excellent conducting properties to help in fast conduction of fault current to ground.


Traditional Earthing Chemical Earthing


GI Pipe with funnel and holes Dual pipe with flat technology Double protection and more strength
Additional attachment of copper strip Heavy terminal strip Direct connection to the terminal flat eliminates restive oxidation and theft problem of strip.
Inadequate galvanization leads to corrosion Good amount of galvanization upto 100/300 micron Leads to longer life and fast dissipation of fault current.
Require compulsory routine maintenance No maintenance Massive recurring expenses are avoided
Heavy fluctuation in Ohamic value No fluctuation in ohamic value Long life to end equipment and safety to human life
Use of charcoal and salt can lead to soil pollution No charcoal or salt is used. Instead a special compound is used, which does not get mixed with soil and hence no soil pollution No soil pollution. Essential for environment conscious ISO 14000 certified companies
More space required for installation (3’x3’ or 4’x4’) Requires a maximum of 8-10” dia bore Easier and quick to install
Dissipation of fault/static current is less due to less surface area and corrosion. Fast dissipation of fault current due to more surface area, maintenance of moisture content and no corrosion. Faster dissipation of fault current saves critical equipment and human life