Norikool: Conventional method for daylighting using roof involved use of transparent sheets that used to fade in colour, break and even leak in a year. Not just that, it also consumed a lot of roof space thereby weakening roof structure and the worst- doesn’t stop UV rays. But Norikool uses breakthrough technology to overcome ‘all of the above issues’- a three layered masterpiece that comprises of- a lens, base plate and diffuser.

Diffuser and lens sit on top of base plate creating an air gap of 4 to 5 mm which partially stops heat from entering our work space hence reducing load on your HVAC. So, Sun light is passed through Norikool in a diffused manner covering larger area and giving better, uniform luminance without dark patches and glare. Diffused light being spread does not move as per orientation of Sun. Lens is made of Polycarbonate and hence stops UV. We also have UV coating on lens which gives additional protection against discoloration. Norikool uses only 1.5 to 2% roof area to give you better lux level/ luminance/ light in the given area. You cut much lesser area of the roof and get better light output with No-leakage Warranty. The base plate ensures uniform expansion and contraction thereby preventing breakage and leakage for at least 5 years.

Norikool is made of high impact, UV resistant Poly-carbonate. We provide best norikool lights in Delhi. It is installed in asbestos or metal roof sheds which are at height of 6 meters or above and gives uniform distributed light across the covered area. Less than 2% of roof area is required hence it does not compromise the strength of roof. It is installed on a factory manufactured metal kerb for leak proof arrangement and comes with a 5 Years Warranty. For first time in India we are introducing this Advanced Daylighting System, that can replace Strip/Roof lights in Industries.

Norikool – ADS™ can effectively replace profile Translucent, Strip/Roof lights in Industries. Unlike profiled Translucent sheets, these systems are easy to fix and Maintain, very less heat transfer, better transmission & distribution of light.


  • Daylighting improves LEED ratings of green buildings.
  • High light transmission > 70 %.
  • Uniform lighting distribution across the space.
  • Factory manufactured metal Kerb for leak proof arrangement.
  • Long life, maintenance free Daylighting solution.
  • Warranty 5 Years.
  • Long Daylighting
  • Zero energy Consumption
  • No heat buildup
  • Less than 2% of roof area
  • Leed rating credits