Sky Shades

Use solar light and save energy. Go green with these ultimate light products from PMI Associates. We offer a plethora of energy saving products/tools with affordable cost. These lights can be used for commercial or residential areas. Well, light pipe helps to decorate your home and this can run without any electricity cord. Solar Light eliminates hassles and provides bright, natural light. This light is beneficial for health.

We are the best Pipe light, solar light and daylight harvesting system supplier. You can find various kind of solar lights from us at reasonable prices. Now no worries in turning lights on or off. These solar lights run without any electricity. Solar Harvesting lights are available for various indoor and outdoor usages. These are eco-friendly lights with modern and appealing designs.

If you want to save electricity, then use Norikool lights. There are various solar lights available with us. You can choose the lights as per your requirements. These lights offer environment benefits and you will get bright light in your surroundings.

You will get the light in evening hours as well. In addition to decoration, also save your electricity. The light produces very bright and clear light in dark pathways or rooms. With different choices, you can select solar light of your choice or requirement. We offer a wide range of pipe lighting products with various features. The lights are durable and provide light for a long time. This light is safe and affordable in cost. The solar lights are bright in color and have exclusive features. You can place order from PMI Associates and get the no 1 light of your needs. Discover various solar lights from us. For sky shades products in delhi leave your enquiry.