PMI Associates is a 15 years old company which has been serving industrial sector with unique, one of its kind solutions. It caters to both electrical as well as mechanical needs. We offer products which can help you measure, monitor, control and protect your facility.

With our Metering Solutions you can measure and monitor the electrical data which includes all electrical parameters, harmonics, sag/swells and transients etc. Our SCADA system gives you the power to analyse the data collected by meters and take corrective measures. Apart from electrical data you can also monitor temperature and pressure etc. SCADA not only monitors but allows you to trip a breaker or a section in case an event occurs e.g. if the demand goes beyond a certain level. It can be done both manually or automatically. We have a unique feature of designing logic within our meters/SCADA which further enhances their capability and does much more than a normal meter/SCADA for you.

After we have analysed the energy consumption and identified the problem areas we need address the issue at shop/machine level. Most of the times in rotating machinary lubrication is the cause of increasing energy consumption or even frequent breakdowns. To help you out here, we offer Specialty industrial lubricants. These lubricants have higher temperature range and have been tested to perform efficiently under high pressure and speed as well. The range oferred includes lubricants made for special aplications e.g. cutting oil, gear oil, compressor oil along with multi-purpose greases and aerosols. We have a variety of Food grade lubricants which are NSF H1 registered i.e. they meet international standards for lubricants used in the food industry. Some of them are HALAL certified as well.

There's another very crucial aspect in every industry which needs to given adequate importance - Earthing. Earthing must be done in a proper manner so that our people along with our machinery are always protected. We offer maintenance free earthing which has a dual rod concept. It has much longer life than conventional earthing and is a peace of mind solution.

Now that we have taken care of the facility from inside we need to protect it from external threast also. Our Lighting arrestor covers your plant with a single rod concept. It is again different from the usual lightning arrestors and has early stream emmission which proactively attracts the charge in clouds and grounds it before the lightning occurs.

ION 7650/ ION 7550

ION7550: revenue-class power and energy metering, event/min/max logging, sag/swell monitoring, harmonics measurement, waveform capture at 256 samples/cycle, set-points, digital and analog I/O and Internet-enabled multi-port communications.

Ideally suited for use in all electrical environments and compatible with PowerLogic software solutions. Standardised ........

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ION Enterprise (SCADA)

ION Enterprise software is a complete power management solution for all type of industries, as well as energy generators & providers. It gives engineering and management personnel the information they need to cut energy-related costs, avoid downtime and optimise equipment utilisation. The software uses a choice of industry-standard network technologies, including Ethernet, to automatically collect and store ...

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Many types of grease change consistency when they are subjected to various forces during service, but Magnalube-G and other greases which we offer will not soften, or harden, like traditional greases in many applications. We offer greases with high temperature and pressure bearing capacity. They have also been tested to withstand high speed, impact load along with being water/rust resistant ...

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Our synthetic motor oils, hydraulic fluids, and diesel fuel additives have achieved a world-class reputation for improving engine performance and fuel economy, but our diverse product line includes all types of industrial oils. We offer cutting oil, compressor oil, automotive gear oil, fire retardent oil, paper machin/rock drill/turbine oil ....

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Like greases and oils we offer various types of aerosols which can take care of almost all your needs of industrial spayons. We have general purpose cleaners/degreasers, anti seize compunds, anti static spray, circuit cooler, dry film release agent, electrical / electronic contact cleaner and the list goes on....

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Food Grade Lubricants

We offer Multi-purpose NSF H1 registered/HALAL certified food grade greases/oils and aerosols, exhibiting good resistance to water washout as well as an extreme pressure package and high temperature performance. These products contain special food grade additives which give enhance their capabilities ...

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