in 1997 by Mr. Sandeep Sharma and has been serving industrial sector with unique, one of its kind solutions. We offer products which can help you measure, monitor, control and protect your facility.

With our Metering Solutions, you can measure and monitor electrical data which includes all electrical parameters, harmonics, sag/swells and transients etc. Our SCADA/ EMS/ Energy Monitoring System gives you power to analyse data collected by meters and take corrective measures. Apart from electrical data you can also monitor process parameters like temperature, pressure etc. SCADA system not only monitors but allows you to control/ trip a breaker or a section in case an event occurs e.g. if the demand goes beyond a certain limit, a load can be cut off or a generator can be switched on. It can be done manually or automatically. We have unique feature of designing logic within our meters/ SCADA which further enhances their capability and does much more than a normal meter/ SCADA for you.

Daylight Harvestingmeans using Daylight/ Sun light to reduce load on artificial lighting during day time by using ambient light. Our Daylight Harvesting Products can be used as primary source of general illumination in your work space. Natural Sun light has environmental, economic and health benefits. Various researches indicate that apart from saving Energy,daylight improves performance and retail sales as well. Sun light has maximum CRI (Color Rendering Index) as well, hence it helps us see actual color of various objects. While the level of savings depends on various factors, savings of up to 70% have been demonstrated in some cases. We are offering Daylight Harvesting Systems (Make: Skyshade Daylights Pvt Ltd.) which start saving energy as soon as they are installed. These systems do not include solar panels, battery bank or any artificial electrical fitting hence no recurring cost and have almost no maintenance. These systems have long life as compared to strip lights/ transparent sheets. There are two Daylight products which have different applications - Norikool and Light pipe. Our Daylight Harvesting Systems provide heat and glare free day light/ Sun light for 10-12 hours a day in your work space. Day-lighting also improves LEED ratings of green buildings - points can be scored on aspects of daylight availability and renewable energy in green buildings. These products have been recognised on National level and Skyshade has bagged many awards including "Most Innovative Energy Saving Product Award" and "Frost and Sullivan Technology Innovation in Day-lighting Award".

There's another very crucial aspect in every industry which needs to be given adequate importance - Earthing. Earthing must be done in a proper manner so that our people along with our machinery are always protected. We offer maintenance free Earthing with a dual rod concept. It gives better results and has much longer life than conventional Earthing.

Now that we have taken care of the facility from inside we need to protect it from external threats also. Our Lightning arrestor covers your plant with a single rod concept. It is again different from the usual lightning arrestors and has early stream emission (ESE) feature which proactively attracts the charge in clouds and grounds it before the lightning occurs.

Sky Shades

Use solar light and save energy. Go green with these ultimate light products from PMI Associates. We offer a plethora of energy saving products/tools with affordable cost. These lights can be used for commercial or residential areas. Well, light pipe helps to decorate your home and this can run without any electricity cord. Solar Light eliminates hassles and provides bright, natural light...

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Welcome to the world of Daylights by PMI Associates. Browse our website and know more about fantastic lights and tools. These lights help to enhance ambience of the residential and commercial places. You can fit these lights anywhere. It is cost effective and consumes less electricity. The emerging technology changes the landscape of lighting and provides the best lighting solution...

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Norikool: Conventional method for daylighting using roof involved use of transparent sheets that used to fade in colour, break and even leak in a year. Not just that, it also consumed a lot of roof space thereby weakening roof structure and the worst- doesn’t stop UV rays.

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Light Pipe

Lightpipe: Our yet another masterpiece is: Imagine sunlight illuminating your room but without unwanted glare or heat that it brings along! Yes, light pipe –With Light pipe Daylighting system, we can get Sunlight without heat in all such areas where we need the light but not the heat and glare.

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