What a blessing it is to illuminate your house or building with the natural ambient sunlight! This can happen with only daylighting system that will let you reap only the benefits of sunlight, avoiding the unwanted glare and heat and uneven distribution of sunlight.

The benefits of natural light are beyond our perception. Sun light has the maximum CRI (Color Rendering Index) that helps you see actual color of objects. Load on artificial lighting system is also reduced, thus contributing hugely to your savings-at times 70 percent. Take care as it’s only PMI Associates that can provide you with all these advantages using a breakthrough technology of daylighting system.


Here are 10 important questions you must ask before installing a daylight system:
  • What is the structure of the system? Like you should know about the medicines even after doctor prescribes it to avoid being cheated, you should also learn about how the daylighting system of a company has been formulated. At PMI Associates we have two daylighting system products-a three layered architecture of lens, metal and polycarbonate called Norikool and a daylighting pipe made of light collector and diffuser.
  • What are the functions of the components used in the daylighting system?- Just knowing about the architecture isn’t enough. Knowing the function of every material and component is equally important. In Norikool daylighting system, polycarbonate is used to filter away harmful UV rays. The metal used ensures uniform expansion and cooling so that the roof doesn’t break.
  • Will the daylighting system disrupt my existing architecture? - It is the most important question to ask. It shouldn’t be so that your savings from daylight become effectively more expensive by disturbing your existing architecture. Norikool uses only 2 percent of your roof area thus inflicting minimal damage to your existing roof.
  • Will I have to remove my existing lighting system? - No! Daylighting system by PMI Associates gets incorporated with existing system and also it utilizes your existing electrical lighting system which adds additional 5-10 percent to your savings.
  • How much savings can I make by using daylighting system?- People have saved up to 70 percent of current costs using daylighting system, that too for up to 10 years!
  • How to avail warranty or is there any warranty? Norikool is installed on a metal kerb for leak proofing which comes with a 5 year warranty.
  • What are the conditions for availing warranty? No specific conditions as such unless damage is inflicted by deliberate methods. We already ensure great quality and we are sure you will have rarest chance of complaining to us even long after warranty expired.
  • How long after installation will the system begin functioning? Immediately! Right after installation, both the products start working- Norikool and Lighting Pipe.
  • Is it possible to light places that are naturally receiving lesser sunlight? With use of Lighting pipe, even basements can be will lit.
  • Is earthing provided with this system? Yes, when we provide you a system, we also provide both earthing and external protection to it. PMI Associates thus provide an earthing with double rod concept and external Lightning arrestor with single-rod concept.